Act IV 2003 Shortlist Profiles- Michael Kwolek
Michael Kwolek hails from New Jersey. He writes his own
songs and loves the music of the Smashing Pumpkins above
all else. Mike enjoys music from artists who seem like they
would not be able to live without their music in their lives,
which is the way he feels as well. He likes to perform music
that makes people feel happy, sad, and scared all at the
same time. Mike creates his music with the help of various
guitars, Casio keyboards, old drum boxes, and harmonicas.

Between bouts of recording the perpetually-unfinished Lost
Basement Tapes
album, Mike holds a "yawn-inspiring" day
job. He also has a band called, 'The Bedridden'. However,
since there are no other members currently, it is more
of imaginary band than real. The band name is subject to
change though.

The emotional texture of Michael Kwolek's songs are
inspired by his influences, which include: Joseph Arthur,
Apex Twin, The Smiths, Red House Painters, Nine Inch
Nails, The Cure, Spirtualized, Nick Drake, among others.

Message to Ghost Children
: Michael Kwolek extends a
traditional and proper "Thanks y'all" to everybody. If you ask
him to send you some of his music, he will happy to do so.
You can email MK at

Selected song for download:

UPDATE: In 2006, Michael Kwolek became known simply
as Mike K. Through the course of that year, he released
an album entitled, A Simple Story Simply Told, and
appeared on the Ghost Children 2/Friends and Enemies tribute compilation, with a new cover of "Home". In 2007, he began a new direction in his music, under the new moniker,
Baby Seals Club.

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