Act IV Profiles- D'arcy
Amidst the arrival of Billy Corgan at Act IV 2001, D'arcy took
the stage as the follow-up act to Lost Logic during the Electric set.
Coming from what some members of the band regarded as one of
their worst received shows to that date, and the skepticism/
confusion about a band named after SP's former bassist, the
success of D'arcy at Act IV was uncertain. But the band stunned
audiences and organizers alike with their electrifying set. Perhaps
it was the adrenaline caused by Billy's presence, or their musical
prowess, or both. Regardless, D'arcy quickly became a fan favorite,
with their set- being regarded by many as one of the best, if not
the best performers at the inaugral Act IV. Highlights of their set
included their performances of "Eye", "I am One", and "Zero", as
well as their original, "Twenty-Eight" (which included an jam of SP's
instrumental, "Jackboot"). Here is the original bio for D'arcy (the
band) from the Act IV 2001 playbill:

"D'arcy hails from the beautiful city of Hobart, Indiana, and have
been playing in a depressingly-tiny local scene for two years.
Though a standard rock band, they're uniqueness lies in the fact
that each member has incredibly diverse musical tastes/influences
(Everything from Marilyn Manson and Relative Ash to Counting
Crows and Starflyer59). The main goal of D'arcy is to capture the
raw emotional experience conveyed by The Smashing Pumpkins,
while maintaining a very technical approach to the music. The
instrumental arrangement for the band goes a little something like

Nick Ehrhardt-Vocals, Guitar
Steven Newman-Guitar
Rob Scheid-Bass
Jason Summerhill-Drums

To all The Smashing Pumpkins Fans:
'Thank you for coming out tonite. We appreciate the opportunity to
pay tribute to the band that will always mean so much to us, and
to play in front of 1,100 people who love the Pumpkins as much
as we do. It's been a shared dream of ours to play the Metro.'

To the Smashing Pumpkins:
'Thank you"
During 2001, D'arcy broke up. In the interm, Nick helped create
a side project, Semi-Automatic Love Slave. They would eventually
play Act IV 2002. Meanwhile, Steve and Jason were briefly in a
band called Adler. Unfortunately they never made the final cut for
the 2002 show. In 2002, D'arcy also reformed but the demo
process was already completed, so they were not up for
consideration for that show. Later that year, D'arcy would submit
demos for Act IV 2003 under the name Mercury Dime. They would
later make the shortlist, but it was not meant to be, as no final
bandlist was chosen due to a lack of headliner that would have
secured the show at Metro. Mercury Dime later broke up for good.
Briefly, Nick Ehrhardt was lead singer of a new band, Red Head.
All the former members of D'arcy have moved onto other

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