Ghost Children 2/Friends and Enemies
Listen to 30-45 preview clips of each Ghost Children 2 track below (Note to mobile users: You may need to 'zoom in' to view players properly):

1. zleep-"Bodies"

2. Alluvion-"Ava Adore"

3. Frequency Fall-"Saturnine"

4. Mike K-"Home"

5. João Miguel-"Crush"

6. The iO's-"Set the Ray to Jerry"

7. This Week in History-"Daphne Descends"

8. Defined Mercury- "Geek U.S.A."

9. Digital Noise Addiction-"Not Worth Asking"

10.Pennyred-"Tonight, Tonight"

11.Mike Hamilton feat. Shane Devon-"To Sheila"

12.Death Rawk Boy- "Today"

13.karatedog- "1979"

Release Info
Release Date: November 17, 2006
Origin: Canada
Pressing Info: Limited Edition of 200 copies, all hand-numbered

Production Info: Compilation produced by Act IV Entertainment.
-Mastered by Jeremy Ellingsen at Swingset Sound, Villa Park, IL.
-Cover art by Kate Fuller, best known for her satiricial comic strip, Billy The Ego Maniac.
-Art direction and layout by David and Steven Pukin

Additional Notes: A follow-up to Ghost Children, Ghost Children 2 is a 'for the fans, by the fans' Smashing Pumpkins tribute compilation.
-Sponsored by The Smashing Pumpkins Internet Fan Club.
-All profits go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois.
Purchase Info
Price: $7 USD (Reduced price-plus shipping & handling)

Special Promotions: For purchasing the CD, you will receive a special bundle including FREE copies of the exclusive digital EPs, Ghost Children/Machines of God and the new Ghost Children and The Infinite Sadness. That's 26+ tracks for the price of 13!You will receive these exclusive downloads usually within 24 hours of your purchase!

-Special Price: 2 CDs for $10! (plus shipping & handling)
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Artist Features
-Alluvion--Download or Listen:

-Mike K--Download or Listen:

-João Miguel--Download or Listen:

-Mike Hamiltion feat. Shane Devon--Download or Listen:

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