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Act IV 2001-Miscellanous Documentary Clips
-Chris Dean, drummer for Christophe Thibault practicing
Frail and Beddazzled (Video clip 1, 2)
-Soundcheck: Kill Hannah-Stand Inside Your Love
-Chris Dean backstage
-Soundcheck: Christophe Thibault-Moleasskiss/Blue
-Soundcheck: Christophe Thibault-Rocket
-Soundcheck: Christophe Thibault-Frail and Bedazzled
-Backstage: Christophe Thibault trio practice
-Backstage: Christophe Thibault-Moleasskiss practice
-Act IV concert begins
-Steven reads Mayor Daley's Mayoral address
-Backstage: Christophe and friends
-Jaime and Steven announce signed Machina 2 giveaway

Video clips by Jason Hedrick (160 x 120 resolution). The video
clips above were taken with a small digital camera. You can
download more short clips (15-30 seconds) from the acoustic
and electric sets of Act IV 2001 as well.

The complete Act IV 2001 videos were directed by Rebecca
Salgado. Additional documentary footage by Meghan Clark.
However, to this day, the full Act IV 2001 footage (aside from
Jason's footage) has never been recovered due to an apparent
apparent "mail mix-up" from the hands of the director to us.

View pictures from Act IV: The Echo Rings Forever On

Leaflet and Playbill graphic design by Richard Every.

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