Latest Act IV News and Blurbs - July 7, 2016
15 years ago today, Smashing Pumpkins fans took the stage at the legendary Metro in Chicago for the first time to pay tribute to the band and continue the important charity work SP started with the Adore charity tour. Fans of the band grossed over $10,000 for Make-A-Wish of Illinois on July 7, 2001, a day that would later become known as International Smashing Pumpkins Day.

Since then, Act IV has put together another charity concert in 2002, and put together countless other projects with the help of fan sites and groups like Listessa,,,, Ozphoria, SPfreaks,

Now, on Act IV's first concert anniversary and Smashing Pumpkins Day, Ghost Children 2, the follow-up to Act IV alumni, Neil Main's widely successful Ghost Children CD is finally getting the digital treatment. While it is still availalble on hand-numbered CDs, you will now get the chance purchase it as a digital download for $7 USD! All proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

When purchasing, let us know whether you want the release in MP3 or Lossless WAV format. With your purchase, you will also get both bonus digital EPs and access to the expanding Act IV archives!

Ghost Children 2 Infinite Sadness Machines of God

Fan Challenge!
Think you have what it takes to wow us with your Smashing Pumpkins cover? Send us your cover of a Machina or Teargarden era (Oceania and Monuments to an Elegy tracks are fair game)Pumpkins song and you will be entered to win a Ghost Children digital prize pack including: Ghost Children 2/Friends and Enemies album, Ghost Children/Machines of God EP, Ghost Children and The Infinite Sadness EP, and access to the ever expanding Act IV archives.

To enter, send us an email with the subject line "Ghost Children Fan Challenge"!
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