Latest Act IV News and Blurbs - December 29, 2013
About 3 months ago, Act IV began collaborating with,, Ozphoria, SPfreaks, and others in the community to bring the fans another special contest. And the response from fans so far has been overwhelming, culiminating in an unprecedented 94 covers of MCIS and TAFH era songs. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest including fellow organizers, the fans who submitted, the fans that voted, and of course Billy and SP!

We would like to congratulate the following winners:
Best Cover Song:1)Winner: "Stumbleine" by Elephant Drive By, 2)Runner Up: "Galapogos" by Ferro Montanino. Fan Favorite Cover:1)Winner: "Tonight, Tonight" by J.E.L.L.i., 2)Runner Up: "Where Boys Fear To Tread" by Alaskandar & Prisoners Of The. Best New Interpretation:1)Winner: "Zero" by Midnite Tiger, 2)Runner Up: "Cupid de Locke" by Amir London

In addition to the main cover song contest, we also held an artwork contest for Ghost Children and The Infinite Sadness. We would like to congratulate Ricardo Magalhães, who won in a tight race with his art inspired by Mellon Collie and TAFH!

Soon, you will get the opportunity to download the new Ghost Children and The Infinite Sadness digital EP, featuring all the contest winners. Read full details by clicking the link below!

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Special Event Update

On October 5, 2013, past/present contest entrant, Matt Sams put together a special SP tribute night at Billy Corgan's tea house, Madame Zuzu's. The night included covers by Sams, other fans, and Greg Bates from Billy's old band, Coat of Eyes. There was a poetry reading, an exhibit of SP/BC memorabilia (Thanks to Geo and friends of Act IV, SPfreaks) and a trivia contest. Act IV donated some EPs for the trivia portion.

The event was a smashing success with a very special apperance by Billy Corgan! Read Geo's article or view the event on Matt Sams' Youtube now!

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