Latest Act IV News and Blurbs - October 5, 2014
26 years ago today, Smashing Pumpkins took the stage as a four piece for the first time at the legendary Metro in Chicago. Fast forward to almost 13 years later, the first set of SP fans from the around the world took the stage at Metro for the first Act IV show in support of SP & Make-A-Wish. Together, fans of the band grossed over $10,000 for Make-A-Wish of Illinois on July 7, 2001, a day that would later become known as International Smashing Pumpkins Day.

On July 7, 2014, we gave you, Ghost Children and the Infinite Sadness, a digital EP featuring all 6 winning tracks from the Infinite Sadness Contest! It also features the winning artwork and perhaps a surprise or two for SP fans ;). This was the result of a collaboration between Act IV,,, Ozphoria, SPfreaks, and others in the community that elicited 94 covers for the MCIS/TAFH era contest last year.

The digital EP is still available in 320 kbps mp3s or Lossless wav files. It is available under a 'pay what you can model' or as part of a special Ghost Children 2 bundle-which features Ghost Children 2, as well as both Infinite Sadness and Machines of God EPs!

Now, on the anniversary of the band's first full band show at Metro, we're giving an additional incentive. For every Ghost Children 2 bundle purchased, we'll release a classic demo from the Act IV archives (spanning SP's entire career)! If you purchased the bundle before or donated $5 or more, you'll be eligible to get each additional track as they are released-just email us! Your support also just might inspire us to do an Adore contest too!

Get the New EP! Ghost Children 2 Past Contest Info

Special Event Update

SPECIAL EVENT-Adore Listening Party
Our good friends and supporters, SPfreaks will be holding a special listening party to celebrate the release of the Adore reissue on October 25, 2014. We highly recommend anyone in Netherlands and any SP fans that can make it to check it out. Go here for more details here!

Unfortunately we cannot go, but we know it will be a Smashing Success, as was Matt Sams' SP Tribute night at Madame Zuzu's last year! On October 5, 2013, past/present contest entrant, Matt Sams put together a special SP tribute night at Billy Corgan's tea house, Madame Zuzu's. Read SPfreaks member, Geo's article or view the event on Matt Sams' Youtube. What special surprises could await fans at the upcoming SPfreaks event? Only time will tell.

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